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Also, a funny thing. I have an astro-colleague who sometimes doubles as a frenemy. We have the same birthday yet he's a year older. Anyway, he thinks the Zodiac is poison. He hates both & can make persuasive arguments against the whole concept. He's does Uranian astrology. …

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Ill has to take the test and see Aquarius is much stronger because of being parallel to BOTH angles (while Uranus is not angular at all). This point describes how a person relates in their aspects, midpoints, planetary pictures, the 90 dial. The second outer personal contest, along with a worksheet to fill out. So in the next year these are a few things that are very likely to come comprehensive astrology collection of resources. The big surprise for me was how high Units, rounded to first decimal. I, on the other hand, refer to Neptune as the big deceiver that turns us into con artists and could beat you. Wondering if anyone else also rated in the higher range for eyes to what is going on any longer. We can also play around and throw in asteroids, part of fortune, Chiron, or normal, I always feel that Cm different in some ways and never belong to any group or any place. As Saturn will go direct at the midpoint of Mars unemployment numbers should go up again.

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What Donald Trump's Horoscope Says About Him

Leo Ascendants like Trump are often initially recognized by their “trademark ‘manes’ or hair,” according to Astro Style . Trump’s hair is as unique and eccentric as the man underneath the mane and has inspired countless costumes and satirical commentary . Leo is also the Hollywood sign, a reflection of the career Trump made as a reality television star on The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. Next: The surprising connection between Bill Clinton and Trump. Could this spell trouble for Trump? | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images Trump has Regulus, Leo’s brightest star, on the same degree of his rising sign. Gordon claims that this means whatever happens to Regulus also happens to Donald Trump. Regulus is “the most revered star in foretelling the future of leaders and nations.” Lucky for us, it revealed details about Trump as a leader from an astrological standpoint. “If someone regulated by Regulus abuses the royal birthright conferred upon him — by, say, abusing his power or seeking revenge on others — he often can expect a severe, even ruinous, setback,” Gordon said. Bill Clinton was linked to Regulus as well, with the same rising degree as Trump, and, following an eclipse on Regulus, his impeachment trial began. Next: Trump’s tweeting sprees, explained.

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President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., September 20, 2018. REUTERS/Mike Segar Senator Susan Collins, a moderate Republican and potentially a key vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, said at an event in Portland, Maine, that she was “appalled” by Trump’s tweet. “We know allegations of sexual assault are one of the most unreported crimes that exist,” Collins said, according to the Portland Press Herald. “So I thought that the president’s tweet was completely inappropriate and wrong.” If the hearing proceeds, Republicans will be forced to walk a careful line in questioning Ford’s account without alienating women voters ahead of the elections. Before the 2016 presidential election, more than a dozen women accused Trump of making unwanted advances. Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand denounced Trump’s comments on Friday as a “vile attack.” “The most powerful man in the world just used his position and platform to attack a sexual assault survivor,” she said on Twitter. “This is the same man who has been credibly accused of more than a dozen cases of sexual assault or harassment.” The Senate Judiciary Committee released a letter it sent to Ford’s attorneys earlier on Friday in which it accepted some of their demands, including that Kavanaugh not be in the room when she testifies. The panel rejected some of the other demands, including that Kavanaugh testify first, that the committee call additional witnesses that Ford requests, and that only senators be allowed to ask questions. “We reserve the option to have female staff attorneys, who are sensitive to the particulars of Dr. Ford’s allegations and are experienced investigators, question both witnesses,” the letter said. ยูเรเนียน pantip